"i loved it. this documentary film introduces you to athletes from around the globe to tell their stories. listen closely, the film voices are fitness guru’s and celebrities who make guest appearances to support the doc in what i’m claiming ‘Generation Iron' to be a classic because if you can teach me something, i'm listening. most docs push the issue of demand to much and lose the audience but this film is a self-help cinema novel.

all world-class respected bodybuilders in one film is remarkable due the film producers trying to surpass the athletes ego’s while their all battling each other for the crown prize. watching the film makes you think you’re at home looking at it on espn(tv) due to how many different stories are connected into one goal of being mr. olymbia ~champion of the world. i must warn you normal movie watchers, this film walks you through the toughest topics placed upon bodybuilders, muscle heads, ironmen directly from the star athletes themselves, not news reporters.

one of the best things i like about this doc is that it’s an educational doc for inspiring weightlifters, bodybuilders, school coaches, fitness trainers & other sports figures who want to gain weight to flex or build a more iconic body frame; in a world were most people are on diets. it explains the food process of $1k a month shopping, the extreme workouts to keep the tininess muscle strong onto revealing why the men & women bodybuilders darker themselves for the contest judges to see every muscle on their bodies to gain more points and it tells you the theory about the amount of water in their muscle/fat that can cost them the winnings so they do push-ups/sit-ups before walking on stage.

with the new century in rotation.. the film also introduces you, the viewer, to some of the new technology being used to help record the bodybuilders daily work ethics. by it being a documentary, it goes behind the scenes with the bodybuilders for you to meet their families, friends & workout crews. which plays a huge part in each athlete life on maintaining their body figure vs trying to be a father hundreds of miles away from home flexing. it takes alot of courage, discipline & education to do this sport if you want to be a true champion and this doc showcases those responsibilities to answer your questions. i recommend you add this doc to your motivational sports movie collection, next to rocky.
" -cs

#GenerationIron (2013)
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CSNBN RATING: ♦♦♦ ➡ A+ awesome